RPM Promotion Adventure -

Offers a great variety of unforgettable trips within the USA as well as abroad.
We will get you on splendid trips to Alaska, Canada, Europe and such unique places as Lima, for instance. We arrange magnificent trips to the parts of the world that have hardly been  visited by a human being so far. We arrange trips that are specially tailored to the needs of each potential tourist. You will enjoy a friendly companionship, comfortable hotels and transportation. You will admire picturesque and breathtaking landscapes with us. Be sure your dream trip is always painstakingly planned to live up to your expectations. Choose the destination, and we will organize the trip of your life for you.

RPM Promotion Adventure offers as well a very convenient and comfortable transportation from west to east of the USA, and the other way round.
Our consultants are always at your disposal. 
Make your deep dream come true with us!

Get a head start on your group planning for next year.
RPM Promotion  Adventure is always ready for any group, any size, any time.
This year take advantage of many barging specials, perfect for small groups!

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                           Call or e-mail: contact@rpmpromotion.com us for more information,
                                             or to speak to a guide about this trip.



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